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Wishbone Studios

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Perry Rollins

Born in Burlington, Vt. June 23, 1951 Schools: Dutchess Community College (Commercial Art) S.U.N.Y. New Paltz, School of Fine Art After years copying artists such as Renoir and Turner brush stroke for brush stroke, I started painting landscapes and portraits. In college, animation, calligraphy, life drawing, jewelry making, painting and drawing all peaked my interest. Frank Alexander for portraiture and Alex Minewski for drawing heavily influenced my approach and technique. A few interesting but dead end jobs later I decided to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I exhibited at the Governor Bent Gallery in Taos and drew portraits on the Plaza in Santa Fe. Rembrandt was a big influence at this time and I started painting in glazes. Many years later and after many different phases (Surrealism, Plein Air, Impressionism and Sculpture) I am now experimenting with abstract painting. Although techniques and guidelines apply, I do enjoy the freedom and child-like nature of my new found endeavor. My paintings seem to take on a whimsical nature. I play with paint. I think when one paints this way you have to be very loose and open to what is developing. The most difficult hurdle is to shed all of lifeís responsibilities (kids, mortgage, etc.) and become one with the canvas and paint. Once in a while magic happens and those are the moments to be savored. I donít know where the magic comes from but I do know it has taken over 50 years of study and practice to make it happen.